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4 Important Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd

Posted by Admin on November, 06, 2020

Bitter gourd or karela, this vegetable always remains on the top of the hate-list of most children. I also hated it when I was in my childhood. And, I remember, my mom used to say that it is good for my health. Now, when I have lived almost half of my life, I love eating bitter gourd. It is best for weight loss and diabetics.

Added to its bitter gourd also receives popularity among every group of eaters for its unique appearance and sharp flavor. It is better known for offering remarkable health benefits.

Health benefits of fresh bitter gourd:

1. It packs essential nutrients

Fresh bitter gourd exporters in India always make sure that their products include all the necessary nutrients which enrich the goodness of karela. This green vegetable is exclusively loaded with multiple key nutrients. For example, a cup of raw bitter guard contains –

• 20 cal energy
• 4 grams carbohydrates
• 2 grams of fiber
• 93% of the daily requirement of vitamin C
• 44% of the daily requirement of vitamin A
• 17% of the daily requirement of folate
• 8% of the daily requirement of potassium
• 5% of the daily requirement of zinc
• 4% of the daily requirement of iron

This vegetable is especially known to contain the maximum amount of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant and micronutrient helpful in healing wounds, forming new bones, and preventing diseases.

Bitter gourd is known to have the quantity of calcium which is twice in volume than in spinach. Its beta-carotene quantity is twice in volume than in broccoli. Other than these, fresh bitter gourd contains a range of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory composites.

It is a high-fiber and low-calorie vegetable. A cup of karela can fulfill 8% of the daily requirement of fiber.

2. Its consumption is beneficial for diabetics

Fresh bitter gourd includes polypeptide, which acts like insulin, and charantin, which is an anti-diabetic compound. These together help in lowering blood sugar levels. It also controls the sudden ups and downs of insulin levels in the body by regulating the blood sugar level and metabolism rate.

It works like a hypoglycemic agent. It has a low glycemic index and high soluble fiber. Hence, it helps in managing the normal blood sugar level.

3. It aids the digestive system

As mentioned earlier, bitter gourd is a rich source of dietary fiber. Hence, its regular consumption can contribute to relieving indigestion and constipation. It supports the activities of healthy bacteria in the gut which in turn helps in absorbing nutrients and advances the digestive system.

4. It helps to advance weight loss

Bitter gourd has a minimal amount of carbohydrate, fat, and calorie contents. All three of these actively participate in a weight loss program. Eating bitter gourd can keep you full for a longer time and you lose chances for over-eating. Stimulating the functionalities of the liver, it advances secretion of bile acids which help in fat metabolism. And a massive portion of fresh bitter gourd is water (80 – 85% approx.) and thus it acts as a hunger suppressant.

You can consume this vegetable in its raw or cooked form. Baked, pan-fried, deep-fried, and stuffed forms of bitter gourd are favorites of every health-watcher.

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